Current State Of Pro And College Football Betting Going In 2022

“More things change the more they stay the same” but at the same time ; there is always something missing ; something different about every betting football season.Last year $170,000 in profit and fun the big misses for me was not sticking to my guns enough. Then the Pandemic messed up a lot of routines with the constant cancellation of games. Always as the season moves along you have to adjust to the the adjustments that competition is making.

For us the competition is other bettors, more states legalizing sports betting, the changing and tightening of the lines by the book makers. Every year is different but for us the process is still the same. Get those college football magazines early. Go to NFL Training camp and get information from the those “hard core fans” that will tell you more than those “Mainstream-drive by” major sports media will ever tell you so you can make money and pay your bills.

Jon Gruden being fired in the middle of the season and the major corruption in the Raiders front office distracted me from doing the research I needed to do to get to my goal of 70%. I rode the “hot hand” of Scott Cobe 78% in the playoffs on the advice of the my fellow ESBC Sportsbetting Partner Arena League SuperStar Chad Nolan brother of Oregon State Quarterback Chance Nolan.

I executed the part of Sportsbetting that is collaborative ; that is “getting out of your own way” “getting out of your own head” and “share what you know” around regular guys and girls ; and since they are decent people they will share what they know & you make money to pay your bills ,feed your family, and buy Christmas gifts:“ How will “Conference realignment” affect college football betting ? The answer is that USC and UCLA are not going to get the close calls for the next 5 years.

Also their lines are going to be “over sold” “Inflated”. To be Specific when USC or UCLA go to Minnesota those crazy fans will go nuts and the refs will give the Golden Gofers every single close calls we cover. That is how we get a piece of the 100 million they are making every year, because FOX -ESPN will hype the Trojans and the Bruins & the millions in LA will bet them blindly. Us will see value in that middle western team at home; and monetize our investments in watching those games !
It is about making that money to pay bills and fight inflation
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College Football Betting Preview How To Wager ACC Football 2022 70% ATS ESBC

5-29=65% (Bowl Season)
10-3=77% (Conference Championship)
149-95=61% (Regular Season) (52.5% is breakeven)
Profit & worth information on #collegefootball Podcast is $71,000

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Coming off winng 5 out the 6 Triples Crown Races we have given out profitable information and Kimmy $29,000
@josuevizcay twitter ig- Financial Representative ; securities licenses and

Now we start studying-figuring out College And Pro Football

Purpose ; To find out the who, the what, where and why’s of the up[coming season
Outcome; 70% to 80% and at $50,000 in profit to pay bills

Link to the Top 10 Rules of Betting College Football…l-bdc7d132490

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Games between teams about to shut down their programs verses teams getting paid to go to a new shiny conference. What are the Refs thinking ? What are to coaches thinking ?

Weekly Thoroughbred Racing True Crime Call To Post NFL Corruption Part #1

NFL corruption that results in higher prices for fans. At this point only upper middle class can go to the games, and only middle class can afford to watch the games. Poor people have to work or watch the games at the bar to work the price of watching games with food.

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In this episode we tackle the history of NFL corruption that results in higher prices for fans. At this point only upper middle class can go to the games, and only middle class can afford to watch the games. Poor people have to work or watch the games at the bar to work the price of watching games with food.

The Kentucky Derby had a 270 million dollar handle The 2022 all-sources handle figure is an increase of more than 10 percent over the previous non-Triple Crown record of $102,163,280 for the Belmont Stakes officials, no doubt, celebrated the record handle of $112,504,509…-to-233-million Crime Reference for Podcast Episodes Preakness Handle 2022- $138 million in wagers Mis spoke on Podcast Linda Rice has bought over a Trillion dollars in horses to race and sale prices / $89,000,000 in winnings Only races in New York ? Why ?

In 2003, gamblers wagered more US$15 billion on horse races in the United States, according to Jockey Club statistics, a high-water mark that has been swirling down the drain ever since. (The amount bet in Canada peaked in 1990 at US$823 million). The betting numbers ticked up to US$12.2 billion in 2021, but factor in inflation, toss in a pandemic, and wagering today is half what it was 20 years ago

To cover her shady training and business processes ? Evidence is defined as information and events that can be proven
1) Video evidence with corroboration of the information
2) Contemporaneous documentation with corroboration
3) Eye witness testimony with several sources that corroborate the eye witness testimony
4) Probability theory where variables are eliminated to a logical conclusion and a 20 % “luck factor” is added to the process Strategy – Transparency – Information flow – Exploit market inefficiencies – Return

To the mean -Arbitrage -Return to mean -Law of opposites – Enjoy the ride Anti-Social Personality Disorder
1) Lack Of remorse
2)Frequent lying
3) Lack Of Empathy
4) Superficial Charm
5) Lack Of Positive Emotions
6) Distorted sense of Self
7) Constant source of new sensations

Vertical Integration

The combination in one company of two or more stages of production normally operated by separate companies.

Who are those people?
What is their background?
What is their expertise?
Are they credible?
Are the genuine? What’s the structure of the business model?
Where does their allegiance lie?
Do they have any particular self interest?

ESBC True Crime 10 Insights

1. Do not commit: 2 crimes at the same time
2. Do not go back to the scene of perfect crime
3. Dig deep graves ; you never hear in the about deep graves being found
4. Truth is stranger more bazaar then fiction. (Always do your research)
5. Use Academic Decision science to make decisions
6. Know and study selective prosecution doctrine used by law enforcement
7. If you live in the past you die In The past “Pete Carroll”
8. Common Sense is not so common
9. Every meeting has to have a specific purpose and Outcome
10. For something to be business it has to be repeatable ; profitable: quantifiable and scalable

Also we tell the story of American True Crime within the Horse Racking Industry, local municipal and county governments perennially in the United States

In “Horse Racing True Crime” up coming true life story narratives. We give over view of the super rich and crime 70% NFL Picks Against The Spread counting NFL College Football, College Basketball, Horse Racing and Major League Baseball. @josuevizcay (#MLB #College Basketball #NBA #College Football ) Josh Abner

MBA Financial Representative & US Local Political corruption historian makes you are always up ; with Picks at a high percentage but teaches the “how” that is #winnerswin

scott cobe @sjcobe1

College Football Pac 12-Part 1 Preview With Chance Nolan Oregon State Starting Quarterback 2022

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70% ESBC Against The Spread NFL Draft Day 3 Betting Breakdown Part 2

Looking at the draft from Sportsbetting angle;good to listen years later to gain insight

Draft from betting angle so you make money watching the games, learn business- finance and get ideas to make your life better
Jim Coventry Brings Juice ; fundamental Analysis to make us $$$$$$$$$$
Rotowire NFL analyst/Fri and Sat SXM co-host Ch 87 & 210 during NFL season. Many top-50 contest finishes and a #1 overall. Comprehensive analysis=solid takes.
Chad Nolan-NFL Worked out with players in the draft and will be hitting an NFL Camp to make a team this year

Scott Cobe – Fantasy expert @sjcobe1

Josh Abner MBA – Financial Services expert – Local political corruption expert

Who Are Capital Rioters? 10 Part Podcast Series

Orange County Auditor Andrew Hamilton was involved with this

Who are the people who follow Donald Trump and how do they differ from everyone else. Scientific analysis of demographic and behavioral correlates of voting for Trump as well as pro-Trump activities. Also, fact-based statistics about issues such as federal deficit, trade with China, value of the dollar, immigration, etc. Not the place for partisan vitriol but a place to share information and opinions
PhD – Psychotherapy Ohio State Former Lake Forest California Mayor Jim Gardner
Josh Abner MBA – Financial Services “Makes Businesses And Individuals Money”

Slavery Fighting With US Congress Rep Vito Sheeley And Florida Anti Corruption Advocate Matt Byrd

Defending Ourselves from White Nationalist

Criminal Justice Reform Mass Black Shooting By Police Matt Byrd And US Congress Rep Vito Sheeley Educates Us June 2020

Should You Tell Your Kids About Santa Claus ?

That is my pet peeve in life. We get lied to by our parents, our school teachers and the Government. In court if you lie about 1 thing you lie about everything.

A kid like me; was upset in Church when I found out that the only proof Jesus resurrected was by his own followers. There were no independent sources to corroborate Jesus’s revival.

My Dad the Pastor said it was because you are saved in life by faith. “Belief in what you wish for but do not see”.

Had the privilege of speaking to Bobby Bowden the football coach ; he told me speaking “dude to dude” you always tell your team when you are going to get blown out; because if you lie to them; you lose credibility forever.

In short you do not want to lose credibility with your smartest kids over Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. So in a tough situation they will have “faith” in what you are saying.


ESBC NFL & Sports Betting
ESBC NFL & Sports Betting

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Who is Lake Forest Political Consultant John Bush ?

Orange County DA Todd Spitzer, Orange County Auditor Andrew Hamilton all have political and financial Ties To John Bush

Orange County DA’s office is investigating the 2nd recall of former Lake Forest Councilman Andrew Hamilton for forgery and fraud. In this reporters opinion it is based on the all the evidence that Lake Forest Political consultant John Bush provided; according to Bush himself during the cities public comments. Also according to his Equifax back ground check is that he moved to Michigan to avoid prosecution: it costs a lot of money to extradite him here from Michigan for fraud charges.

Below is a link to John Bush’s public comments during the March Lake Forest City Council meeting.Per public records Bush owes the IRS 209,000 and the state of California $150,000 in back taxes. Call the IRS and Franchise Tax board and they will give you exact figures. This reporter did and those are the approximate figures they provided. 

To understand what John Bush did in Lake Forest California it is important to research John Bush’s background.

The initial public records, interview with his estranged wife Metkeo Bush & his Facebook posts revealed John Bush was a prison guard in Michigan then he was fired for bringing in dfrugs into the jail and he moved to Marion County Florida as result

John Bush Admits To Forging Signatures as it turns out to be

This reporter lived in West Central Florida off and on 20 years. Florida has a high criminal population and cultural history. In the 1700’s convicted criminals from Western Europe were jailed in Florida then used to fight native Americans. In the 1920’s Florida was inhospitable unless you had some sort of air conditioning. So the organized crime from New York and Chicago set up shop.

They were the only group of people who could afford air conditioning until the early 1980’s when cocaine cartels and business oriented organized crime figures, tourist industry big shots & the construction industry set up Community Banks in Florida to lend money to develop the economy. Until this day Florida is relatively poor depressed area run manly by organized conservative crime organizations that are 80% legitimate business.

All major crime families, Mexican cartels and asians gangs have operations in Florida but the most famous is the Trafficante family. Here is the link to their wikipedia page.

John Bush lived in Marion County Florida. The median income for a household in the county was $31,944, and the median income for a family was $37,473. Males had a median income of $28,836 versus $21,855 for females. The per capita income for the county was $17,848. About 9.20% of families and 13.10% of the population were below the poverty line, including 20.20% of those under age 18 and 7.40% of those age 65 or over. Below are links to use as reference to get an idea of what controls Marion County,_Florida

What made Marion County famous is that famous mobster John Gotti and the Gambino family owns a horse farm in Marion County Florida to rig the horse racing industry. I owned a restaurant for 6 years in Pinellas Park Florida. John Gotti loved my version of Cuban food and had me cater parities there in Marion County where I met J- Lo and Mark Anthony. J-Lo currently lives in Escondido

How do prison guards make money ? By bringing drugs into the jail is the common cultural theme. “You are who you hang out with” and prison guards hang out with convicted criminals all day.

After filing for bankruptcy in Florida : Bush decides to move to Southern California to become a political consultant. And former Lake Forest Councilman Adam Nick hired him to successfully recall corrupt shady City Councilman Andrew Hamilton in 2017 who is bank rolled by the Toll Brothers, Lincoln Club and Republican Party to the tune of $67,000.00 to eliminate one of the last Green Belts in Orange County into 800 houses. Hamilton lost the recall election 70% for and 30% against.

According to Bush’s public comments at Lake Forest City Council meetings, after being paid $180,000 by Nick, Bush somehow according to Mrs. Bush blows all the money and attempts to extort $25,000 more from Nick . Here is a link to Bush’s public comments 

In an interview Mrs. Bush states “I gave John 15 years of my life : I do not need his drama anymore, and with the divorce: I want to get rid of my name being tied to the money John owes the IRS and Franchise Tax board $350,000 that I know of “

How will the current forgery and fraud investigation end ? And is Bush’s history going to be to be a forbearer of who will be arrested ? But the embattled OCSD can not use him as a star witness because he lacks so much credibility

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